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Leave unsaid unspoken

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30 December 1987
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INFO ( about me )
y name is Sarah. I'm 21. ♥ I like flowers. I love music, without it, I think I would die. I love taking photos. Water is my favorite drink, as is Mike's Hard Lemonade. Giraffes are love and I adore pandas. I hate math. I'm terrified of lizards. I love pedicures, rainy days and writing haiku poems in random parts of my journal. Surprises are awesome and Dave & Busters is great. I love my iPod and Marilyn Monroe simply because she was an average size woman who was wanted and adored by all. I would love to move somewhere in the US where it was always cloudy/stormy. Monsoon Season is my favorite!! When I'm sad I like to listen to violin music to cheer me up. I had my first kiss at age 20, true story. I believe everyone has a happy ending waiting for them. I wish life was simple like it was as a child. Love stories are sweet, scary movies are exciting, and sci-fi movies sort of bore me. Laughing cures, love saves, and hate sets us back. I am Sarah, and I am amazing. 

LIKES ( stuff I like )
I like pens, drawing, writing in my journal (on and off line), and I love my cell phone. I love buying new clothes which works well with my job at CR! I love the Office and South Park. Along with House and 24, though Prison Break rules all TV shows. I do believe Root Beer is the only good kind of beer! I am LDS, and also awesome. I was a major pop music fan back in the day, which was a Wednesday, by the way. And if you couldn't tell from that last comment, I also love Dane Cook! I like to laugh, so leave me a lot of comments that are funny. Speaking of comments, I ♥ comments. I like comments and testimonials.
So you should leave a lot for me or something.

DISLIKES ( stuff I can't stand )
I hate it when the light changes to green and people just sit there. When the light turns green, get the hell out of the way. I don't like it when people can't spell simple words. Two words: SPELL CHECK. Also, know the difference between THAN and THEN. Thanks. As a cashier, I hate people who don't know how to use the dividers, so when I scan their items with the person's stuff in front of them, they flip out. Well, learn to use the shit that divides orders and spare me from trying not to scream. My job sucks ass as it is, don't make it harder. I really hate it when I pay to see a movie, but all I can hear is people talking, chewing, or any other form of irritation, or when they pull out their phones, because I get distracted by the light! No, I'm not done, I don't like bees, or bugs in general, or lizards! I also don't like working at Fry's. I hate peas.

JOURNAL ( about this journal )
This journal is FRIENDS ONLY. Want to view my journal entries? Comment me and ask me to add you!!

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